Looking For Dentist Near Hallam?

Finding a dentist in Hallam may not sound like much of a task, yet all of us want to be sure that our dentist is not just conveniently located, but can offer the full range of services we require – and the high quality of dental care that we expect.

Lynbrook Dental Care is fully equipped to meet your family’s dental care needs. We use the power of the latest dental technologies and equipment that is unlikely to be surpassed by any other dentist, Hallam-based or not.

Our Philosophy

At Lynbrook Dental Care we practice the holistic approach to your health, believing that dentistry is not just about treating the mouth but has a direct impact on the patient’s overall health and wellbeing.

Our Dental Services

From routine dental checkups and x-rays to teeth restorations to dental implants – we can handle it all.

Many families come to us for preventative dental care, as we offer regular check and clean appointments, as well as children’s dentistry. We also offer both cosmetic and restorative fillings, as well as major dental services such as dental crowns, bridges, and implants.

Dental emergencies we routinely handle include chopped, cracked, or knocked out teeth, as well lost and broken fillings and crowns. You are also welcome to come to Lynbrook Dental Care to investigate and treat any acute toothache, and for urgent teeth extractions.

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