Lynbrook Dental Care offers the highest quality family dentistry services with a gentle and compassionate approach. We employ the latest technology including digital x-rays, intraoral cameras and rotary endodontics, whilst only adopting clinically proven and well tested techniques.

Restorations (fillings)

We use the latest cosmetic white fillings that are mercury free.

Root Canal Therapy

We always strive to save your teeth and in the event of a dental infection, will offer endodontic (root canal) treatment to allow you to keep your teeth.

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Periodontal treatment

The number one cause of tooth loss is gum disease, and we encourage all of our patients to have six monthly professional cleans with your checkups (or more frequent if advised by your clinician). We also offer oral hygiene and dietary instructions , and more advanced periodontal treatment, sometimes in conjunction with a periodontal specialist, when necessary.

Crown and Bridge

We offer the latest cosmetic crowns that are used to strengthen heavily restored or endodontically treated teeth, or simply to improve the appearance or shape of an existing tooth. Crowns essentially are �caps� that completely covers the existing tooth, and are long term definitive restorations. In cases where teeth are missing, crowns may be �bridged� across these gaps, whereby your natural teeth when crowned act as abutments for an artificial tooth (to cover the gap) can be attached to.


Perhaps the greatest advance in modern dentistry, implants are the ultimate in artificial tooth replacement. In the event of tooth loss, a titanium ‘screw’ can be integrated into the jaw bone, from which a crown can be attached. Implants have a great life span (often decades) and can be placed under local anaesthetic with little discomfort.


Unfortunately sometimes dental infections, gum disease or fractures prevent the restoration of teeth and in such cases we will provide dental extraction services in a gentle and compassionate manner.


We provide both partial and complete denture services, using both acrylic and cast metal fabrications.

Sleep Dentistry

Is anxiety preventing you from addressing dental health issues? We could offer our patients the comfort, anxiety and pain-free option of sleep dentistry.

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